Vehicle Description

Black Trim, Black Stoneguard, Black Wheels, Black Fenders, 2" x 3" Perimeter Tube Frame, 18" Slant Wedge, A-Frame Tongue with 2000# Tongue Jack, Wall Posts 16" on Center, Cross Members 16" on Center, Roof Bows 24" on Center, 78" Interior Height, Rust Inhibiting Z-Tech Protection on Chassis, Painted Tongue and Roof Bows, Painted Area Around Door Openings, 2 5/16" Coupler, Drop Spring Axles, ST205/75R15 Tires, Galvanized Roof, ATP Exterior Fenders, 32" Side Door, 24" Stoneguard, 3/8" Drymax© Interior Walls, .030 Exterior Metal, LED Clearance Lights and Tail Lights, Interior LED Dome Light, Super Lock Screwless Sides, 3" Bottom Trim, 3/4" Drymax Floor, Radial Tires, Aluminum Door Hold Backs, Ramp Door, 12" Additional Height, D-Rings, Rope Rings, Spare Tire & Wheel, Side Vents, Ramp Door, Beavertail

Stock Number 2994
Condition NEW
Year 2020
Model ULAFT8516TA2
Mileage NEW
Body Style Enclosed Trailer
Transmission Automatic
Drive Type Not Specified
Color White
Engine Type
Driven Wheels Not Specified
Technical Specifications
Black Trim Black Stoneguard
Black Wheels Black Fenders
2" x 3" Perimeter Tube Frame 18" Slant Wedge
A-Frame Tongue with 2000# Tongue Jack Wall Posts 16" on Center
Cross Members 16" on Center Roof Bows 24" on Center
78" Interior Height Rust Inhibiting Z-Tech Protection on Chassis
Painted Tongue and Roof Bows Painted Area Around Door Openings
2 5/16" Coupler Drop Spring Axles
ST205/75R15 Tires Galvanized Roof
ATP Exterior Fenders 32" Side Door
24" Stoneguard 3/8" Drymax© Interior Walls
.030 Exterior Metal LED Clearance Lights and Tail Lights
Interior LED Dome Light Super Lock Screwless Sides
3" Bottom Trim 3/4" Drymax Floor
Radial Tires Aluminum Door Hold Backs
Ramp Door 12" Additional Height
D-Rings Rope Rings
Spare Tire & Wheel Side Vents
Ramp Door Beavertail